How to find your true passion?

How to find your true passion?

If you are lucky enough you’ll work with your academic education.

If you are a little less lucky you’ll end up working in something completely different.

If you are the “luckiest”, you’ll work in a career path of your choice, and that path is found by pursuing your passion.

If you don’t have one, the first step is……

Looking for it.

But HOW?

By trying as many things as you can.

But where can I find them?

In your subconscious, in the things that you like on social media, in the games that you play on twitch, in the youtube videos that you’re addictively watching, in the memories & dreams of your childhood, in the things that you talk about consistently, in those long night walks, in those small details that only you can notice.

Just dig deep down until it clicks and resonates with all your life decisions (that’s exactly what happened to me) but the most important thing is…

Decide 1 thing and stick to it

You have to decide as quickly as possible.


To be specialized and known for that one and the only thing that you do.

Does that mean that I have to drop out of all my general skills?

NO! You only have to be known for 1 thing publicly but that doesn’t mean that you can’t practice other hobbies or try new ideas and test new projects that are completely up to you.

That’s about it,
Some food thoughts for your next big move.

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