Sell like the queen gambit

Sell like the queen gambit

Sell like the queen gambit

How can you serve your clients better?

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” — Muhammed Ali

When it comes to businesses who offers their services for sale, they tend to forget to actually “serve” their end customers.

Forget everything that you know about sales

• Selling is not pitching
• Selling is not convincing
• Selling is definitely not manipulating!

Than what is selling?

“Selling is simply inspiring the client to make a decision by helping them and guiding them through your product & services.” — Chris Do

Not telling them what to do!

-Sell like the Queen Gambit-

She learned all the different moves on how to end the game, now that she knows that, she just got to play chess.

Don’t be a script robot, be genuine and present with the conversation and actually care about your client’s problem

Put yourself into your client’s shoes and address every concern they might have in order for them to work with you, it usually falls in the price, the type of work, the deliverables or the deadline

“Clients early on the buying cycle, over weights the possibilities of a beautiful future and they under weight the cost or consequences of failure.” Blair Enns

Ask don’t sell ?️

You should ask them what’s the cost of doing business with you? what’s going to take if this project fails? Why you?

You have to discuss this early in the sale, it will give you insights on what’s at stake? and what is the real intention of working with you

Don’t feel the obligation to have an answer to their problem:
“What you have might not always be what they need”

Have you seen a doctor gives a prescription without asking the right questions first? Always remember:
“Amateurs give advice, experts diagnose”

Bring their options on the table:

• You work with our competitors
• You do nothing
• You work with us

Best practices to make a sale:

  • Play on their side, you’re on a mission to make their lives easier
    • Address their feelings and figure out their intentions
    • Question their reasoning
    • Get clarity using their own language
    • Get them to say the answer, instead of you telling them what to do 
    • Measure success & work towards a mutual goal/result

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