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“This coaching session was eye-opening. I believe our work over the last few weeks made me accept many things and finally open my mind to hearing the advice you gave me. The most valuable part was when you went deep into the three stages of entrepreneurship and were honest about what it entails in terms of learning and earnings. I like that it was not another superficial advice of the type “work for free, first, niche down and charge more”. Although this is true, it doesn’t explain the exact steps to execution. You showed me the whole blueprint and I feel I know what to do next. Thanks!” — Dominika Vasova

“Amine, your greatest superpower is helping others on this very harrowing journey feel less lonely, less lost in the world.” — Soo Young Lee

“Amine has been an invaluable asset in the creation of my educational email course. With his meticulous attention to detail, he crafted a structured and easy-to-follow framework that perfectly aligned with my goals and objectives.

He held me accountable and ensured that deadlines were met and milestones were achieved, resulting in a seamless and successful delivery of the course. His expertise and experience not only guided the content creation process but also inspired confidence in the effectiveness of the course material and clear call to action for the readers.

I wholeheartedly recommend Amine Hammou for any project requiring organization, and a results-driven approach. I am grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with him on this project.”

— Jason Sayen, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

“As a personal branding specialist myself, I can get caught up in my own echo chamber.

Amine helped provide me clarity on the why, reminded me of my purpose, reminded me of my strengths, and helped me stay focused on the end game.

He has been an accountability partner and I appreciate his motivation, advice, coaching, and accountability when and as needed to build and maintain momentum.

Amine also helped me attract new clients with compelling copy that engages and converts.

Amine has become a genuine friend, and I appreciate the fact that he care. It’s not just about business for him, he is there for his clients both professionally, and personally.”

— Ahmad Imam, Executive Brand Specialist





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